Cosmetic Fragrances

Our fragrances are components of the highest quality available and are produced and designed especially for personal care and cosmetic products. Most fragrances are a blend of natural oils and specific aroma compounds which make it possible at all to create stable fragrances and scents. All fragrances can be used in practically all personal care products. They are strictly undiluted, full-strength oils or water-based mixtures that have not been cut with solvents. This allows you to use much less fragrances in your product. The level of fragrance you will need to use varies according to the product type, and what you’re trying to produce: Typically, a face cream may contain only 0.01% fragrance by weight, while a soap bar might range from 0.5 – 3.0% fragrance.

Cosmetic Fragrances Variants

Green Apple

Rose 168

Cucumber VF


Honey and Almond 97



Honey and Almond 97


Cosmetic Product Fragrances offered by us, act as a mixture of essential oils or aroma compounds, used to give the human body a pleasant scent. These fragrances are used in a wide variety of products to impart a pleasant odour, mask the inherent smell of some ingredients, and enhance the experience of using the product. Cosmetic Product Fragrances are available in huge varieties for our clients. These also possess a lot of therapeutic benefits which are used in perfumery and aromatherapy too. These products are very effective as well as economical too.